Our team Adamstal

Rolanda Wittmann

Management and management of the pro shop, first point of contact for all tournament planning and organization! Rolanda has been an enthusiastic golfer and ladies captain in the Adamstal since 1992. She always has an open ear for the concerns and wishes of members and guests. As the “landlady”, she was involved in building the family business GC Adamstal from the very beginning. Alongside Franz Wittmann, Rolanda is the driving force that has made the golf club what it is today – one of the most beautiful clubs in Austria, whose family, yet elegant ambience is highly valued by members and guests.


Viktoria has been with the GC Adamstal Secretariat since 2008. What she particularly likes about her job is the varied work, the closeness to nature and the contact with members and international guests.


Laura is a member of our family. Since many years she works enthusiastically in the pro shop. Occasionally you can see her on the course.

Greenkeeper team

Our greenkeeper team, headed by head greenkeeper Franz Reischer, ensures the top quality of the championship and Wallerbach courses every day. They also constantly face the challenge of making some details even better.

Housekeeping team

In the clubhouse and in the guest rooms, our good fairies Ivana and Irina not only ensure order and cleanliness, but are also an essential component of the feel-good atmosphere and the cozy atmosphere that makes the Adamstal Golf Club so unique.