Hole 6




The saga tells of a neighboring farmer who, over 150 years ago, suddenly heard howling wolves behind him at night on his way home. Rushed by a starved wolf pack, he desperately tried to get across the mountain to his farm. Shortly before the current hole 6 the pack caught up with him and he had already thought he was going to lose his life. In his desperation he began to pray and he was miraculously spared by the hungry wolves. Thanks to his gratitude for his unexpected rescue, he put a wooden memorial stone just below the “Wolfstränke”. Hence the distinctive name of fairway 6.

Pro tips

This par 3 is going downhill so take one less iron than you normally need for this length. Watch out for the wind: you don’t feel it on the tee – a look at the flag helps you there. If you keep to the right, you avoid the pond (considered a biotope) on the left.